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Day 3 was going really well out here in Spain! Did a personal best in session 1 by nearly a full second and still finding time to improve! We’re all really happy with the progress!

Until the last session hit... and I had a huge moment with a very near highside coming out of the long right; flew off the bike and landed on the tank! My knees caught the bars which I think then saved me! Resulting in small damage to the fairing, but nothing we can’t fix :-), and after pulling in to check everything over, I went back out and just two laps out George [Honda NSF] decided he wasn’t loud enough and my exhaust snapped! Looking at it after and it’s tried to blow out of the sleeve! Me and Amy went on a rescue mission and found the snapped half and are going to take it home to be repaired. Resulted in melting my belly pan but no harm done, just one very loud bike! :-D

Huge huge Thankyou to Abbz [Thomas] and her dad for lending me another exhaust so I can get back out on track tomorrow!

Last day on the Moto3 tomorrow then off to Benidorm to ride the CRF! I’m so excited for it all. :-D



Jodie Fieldhouse #18 Racing via facebook

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