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Yesterday's practice was really good and LaBomba gave a solid performance. The pace was good and getting better session after session, but in the last afternoon session I got a bit greedy following Linc Gilding and went to dig out some dirt out of turn 12. Luckily landed the rubber side down and back to the track. Scary!

Now we're off to qualifying for AM-Sport/Supersport which is right after 9am. These sessions are not long, so it's one lap sighting and warm up, then one or two fast laps. That's the performance which determines the starting position for the first race and I guess for AM-Sport stand-alone race later as well, maybe Stars of Tomorrow C&D race, but I don't know for sure! Ask me later.

Thanks, Racetune Moto for prepping LaBomba and helping out yesterday and today, love having you around!


Saturday: First race day. Thrilling!

The day started with more scary stuff in qualifying, after long streaks of oil were left behind by a rider in the previous session. In one corner the visor got a splash of rain (I know, I was asking for it, wasn't I) but despite being terrified of the conditions, I qualified 5th in AM-Sport. Good start for the day and got my confidence right up.

First race set a new personal best, and I mostly managed to keep at it on the following races. I had some horrible starts due a misdial with electronics, but at least got to work on overtaking techniques... Did set some personal best top speed too, I'm sure that counts, Racetune Moto?

One of the best races of the day was Stars of Tomorrow, or Stars of Yesterday as some call it. This race was back to back with our Supersport race, so there were only two 600cc's among a dozen of thousands. I finished fabulously to P6. Who needs a break or 200hp!

In this year's championship, the grades are gone so it's outright positions only that counts. Challenge accepted and boom: my best race result so far, P4 outright! I started in P5, had the worst start ever and were left to dead last before turn 1. The next five laps spent carving through the field ending up just shy from the podium. I'll call it practice?

Tomorrow it's on again!

Thanks again for help Racetune Moto (wow the bike flies), 4SR - For Street Racing Australia, BD Racing, Flying Solo Gear Co., Miss Moto, Vesrah and Darkroom Images for photo, shows sponsor stickers really nicely!


Sunday: Race day 2!

Today I aim to have better starts, keep the intensity level up and make fewer mistakes so I don't get passed. Fingers crossed! We had few quick warm-up laps with 2nd quickest time in AM-Sport. Racing will start at 10am. The TV is here today and all races are live streamed, stay tuned!

Fabulous weekend, great results, and finally made huge progress with lap times, taking almost 2 seconds off my personal best. Incredibly happy with my racing! Now off to hot tub with some bubbles. Thanks everyone involved and racing mates for great battles!

Meri Malena Racing via facebook

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