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After a very successful weekend at the Michelin short circuit series in the Cre8Work ladies cup where I finish 2nd overall after tough battles against Sandra Shelley and Nicole van Aswegen.

As I sit here in the airport reality hits and I can’t believe what is about to happen. For a third year in a row I am travelling overseas to go do race duties overseas. As a new chapter in my race career is about to unfold and I’m sitting here waiting to board the plane all I can think about is all the amazing people that have helped me get this far.

Toy Lukas - for introducing me to track riding. Danica Collett - for helping me out from under a quad, being an inspiration to me, training me, looking after me and teaching me riding skills. Xaviar Arnold - for introducing me to the TTR 50 flat track series. Andrew and Leroy Rich - For sponsoring the TTR flat track series and running the series. Leon Van Vuuren and Danica Collett - For training and sponsoring me for the 50cc Mx series through Trinity. Xaviar and Amanda Tweedie(Arnold) - from dirt boys for sponsoring me in the 65 Class MX and enduro series. Arthur Muirhead - endless days of training me. Parents and team mates in the Dirt Boys team - for all the help, advice and supporting me. Jason Wessels - for introducing me to the NSF 100 and circuit racing. Neil Harran and Neil Forbes NSF 100. Always encouraging me never give up. Neil Harren - For all the training, advice, encouragement and support from way back when I rode the SAMRA NSF100 to now. Joey Litjens - for all the coaching and advice. Thank you for coming out to South Africa at your own cost. Every one involved in the SAMRA Racing camps - Neil Harren, Joey Litjens, Brent Harran, Allann-Jon Venter, Blaze Baker, Troy Jordan Bezuidenhout, Jesse Boshoff, ( and all the people involved in the SAMRA camps) - for all the fun, training and advice. Brent Harren and AJ Venter- for the help and training every week after I broke my collarbone and preparing for Holland. All the riders I've competed with in the past - for good fun racing and all the good laughs. The instructors at Red Star Raceway and Zwartkops for taking the time out of their day and riding to assist as much as they can. Hien and Mariangela Scheepers - for all the good times, laughs, feeling like I'm a part of your family and for the sponsorship. (Bolt Stop, Dewalt, Hitech Tools, FEW, Loctite, ECC). Alfie from Ecc Edenvale Custom Cycles and Wayne Deintje (wicked Wayne) - for the fixing, looking after my bike and kind sponsorships. Clare Claassens and Desmond Claassens from nine nine racing - for helping out in 2015 when we were struggling with funding. Rodney Lessing and Anthony Lessing- for the use of your 150, taking me riding and all the little things you've done for me in the past few years. David Mouat, Phil Archenoul for all the support, advice and hospitality in Zimbabwe. All the Zimbabwe racers and competitors who have been such a big part of my growth over the past few years. Andre Bardi for giving me the opportunity to ride the Mugello circuit as well as do professional media PR work. Thank you to Carlo and his full team at Fuchs Lubricants Italy for allowing me to represent them in their promotional film and giving me the opportunity to ride the Mugello circuit. Thank you to the Monroe Racing team that has helped me grow and develop over the years I appreciate all the support and always grateful for the opportunities that I’ve been given. A huge thank you to Casio for joining me on my national and international journey. I’m looking forward to our journeys together. A big big thank you to Chico Lorenzo and Italika Racing for inviting me to go race in the Italika Women’s World Cup I can’t tell you how I appreciate this opportunity. My parents Eleaze Woodward and Paul Woodward for supporting me through anything and everything, for the continuous love and supporting with anything I do.

I apologize if I have forgotten to mention anyone if so I apologize. Please know that I appreciate everyone that has ever supported me or helped me in anyway.


Savannah#77 via facebook 

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