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Reflecting back on last weekend; reaching my own goals and overcoming barriers is much more rewarding than any formal placement in the point chart.

Not that the position was a disappointment at all; I got P5 outright in AM-Sport which is my best placement yet and P2 in C-grade. Both of which I feel are remarkable achievements taken that I failed terribly in one of my key strengths; consistency. Or maybe in fairness, I did have consistently bad starts!

Nevertheless, results from FX Superbikes' first round marked a significant milestone for me personally and while it may all look like trophies, smiles and smooth sailing from outside, behind the scenes it's not at all that straightforward.

A friendly, maybe enthusiastic 'Ciao!' goes to flaggies, marshals, commentators, organisers, and photographers after a good race, just like in this photo. Thanks, Tony O'Brien, love the feel of this.

Onwards with even more motivation now, to find the next limit I must break. Keep at it, folks!


Meri Malena Racing via facebook

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