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Race Recap

Holy Moly my bike is fast! I entered five races and finished 5th,7th,8th,8th and 5th! With my fastest time of 1:53.1 in the 3.5 mile infield circuit! When I ran my fastest lap times we had the lap timer off, so I don't know what my fastest speed was, but when I did a 1:53.8 I had a top speed of 199.5 mph! Not bad for my first time racing the big bike at Daytona!

I honestly showed up with the mind set of just getting comfortable and having fun. I did not set goals of times or placement, and allowed myself to ride stress free. We did figure out some issues that we will fix before our next race weekend so that I can continue to improve. Even at my best time I was only riding about 80% of my ability. I'm trying to build my confidence on the 1000 respectfully and want to work my way up to the ability to handle that big bull! I know that all the hard work I've been putting in at the gym with tbowenpt has paid off, I am not sore at all and I have never been able to say that before!

Big thank you to everyone who made my race weekend possible. Starting with Gemini Technologies and RBI for building my beast. racinrick for crew chiefing like a champ, TSE for all their track support, Motul USA for providing me with the best product I could ask for, Pirelli for my super sticky tires, Jason Pridmore for being the best coach ever, Spidi and Arai Helmet Americas for keeping me protected and comfortable, and of course all my friends and fans who send me motivational and positive messages that truly motivate me and keep me charging forward! You guys are the bestest. <3 

It's truly an incredible start to the year, I look forward to see what I can do with some more seat time! Roll on 2018!

PC: Brian J Nelson


Patricia Fernandez Racing via facebook

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