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EMRA 2018
Round 2 of the EMRA championship and our first round of the season

I was looking super forward to this round, however very nervous as before the round I couldn’t get off the line for the life of me on George [Honda NSF]. :-D

First session was qualifying and it was dry but cold. I went out in the 250 open class against TZ250's and other Moto3. I was wearing new leathers and struggled a bit because I couldn’t move. :-D My times were far off what I knew they should be but I was happy. We managed to qualify 4th overall and 1st in class.

I then went out and qualified with the Minitwins and Lightweights and only managed to get two laps in, as the bolt for the dyno in my exhaust flew out and I had to pull in. I still managed to place 8th on the grid.

Race 1 - GP125, 199-450cc and 250 class: I got a fairly good start for my first start on the Moto3! I pulled away from the grid and as we pulled away the rain started to spit. I knew I was on full slicks so I let back a bit, before we even made it round turn one another rider crashed, and I swerved to miss his bike. I managed to then get myself up into 3rd and we went down the straight and got to Edwinas and another rider high sided in front of me and I slammed on my breaks and swerved again. I knew from that point on it wouldn’t be a fastest lap winner, it would just be who could stay on. I stayed at a steady pace and continued my race. Seeing another rider down every lap I slowed down more and just rode George back to the pits, looking behind me I could see I had a huge gap and carried on at a slow speed, by the end of the race the rain had come down fully and the track was wet. The last lap flag came out and I took George across the line streaky and in no rush, I pulled in to find I crossed the line in first with a 9.286 gap, finishing both first overall and first in class! <3

Race 2 for Lightweight and Minitwins wasn’t quite so easy, we had a two race lay over and I made the call to put the wets in although the rain had slowed. I knew it wasn’t dry enough for me to keep the heat in the slicks. I started in 8th overall. I got a poor start and left the grid about 14th and had to pick my way back up the ranks during the whole race. I managed to pick off one by one and got myself right upto 6th. Slowly catching 4th and 5th but not leaving me enough time to. I pulled in from the race in 6th, which I was happy about making up positions.

Race 3 was with the GP125's 199-450cc and the 250. From winning the last race I managed to start on pole. The track was drying out but I decided to stay on wets. I got another okay start and got off the grid in 2nd, and after a lap got into the lead, but not for long as both the full power Moto3 Mahindras in the 199-450 open class came flying past and quickly left me. :-D I pushed on to try and stay where I was but slowly getting further down the grid. Struggling with the bike being too stiff for the wet weather we were having but still pushing on. The track then started to dry out and with the forecast set in to rain later I worried about the wets. I lost another two places to GS125's but came in in 5th and was happy to have just stayed on with the mixed weather. :-) I was 5th overall and 1st overall in the standard 250 class, with the other 250's a fair way behind.

Race 4 - Lightweight and Minitwins: The rain was really coming down now and the weather wasn’t great. I set off the grid in 6th but got another awful start. :-D I left the grid about 14th again and spent some time playing catch up. The pace was a lot different from the wet and Ireally struggled with the bike being so solid in the wet and getting no feel. I managed to finish 10th with a faster lap time nearly a second faster than the guy in 9th so I was happy against the faster bikes.

Overall it was a good weekend with some awful weather. I got a good few laps in on George and I learnt to get him off the line. And we also now know the spare engine is well tested and ok to run. :-) Bit gutted - as I felt I could have done so much better time and results wise this weekend on Harvey [Aprilia 450]... but I guess it’s all part of the learning curve!

Only three days rest now as we are back out for our first round of BSB next weekend!

Huge huge Thankyou to Phil miners for winning the first round free at the awards and letting me have it! Thankyou to all my sponsors: 151s, Janman Ent., R&G, Pipe Werx motorcycle exhausts, Wiz Racing, Fermac traffic services, TBS Fitness Studio, tbos, yrda, Carrickeast construction, HG concepts. HelmetCity Somerset Ltd.



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