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What a weekend!

The team had a great start on Saturday, Andrew qualified 3rd for the Open Unlimited and 1st for Sound of Thunder. Sammi qualified 24th also in the Open Unlimited and Paw T took to the grid in the Sound of Thunder class in 14th!

The rain started to pour in perfect time for the racing but as always the team done amazing - Andrew came home with two 1st place finishes in both classes, Sammi finished in 20th place holding her own amongst the big bikes and Paw T stayed in 14th place for his first race at Croft (IN THE WET!).

Sunday the sun was shining upon us as the races got underway - Andrew took 3rd place in the Open and unfortunately crashed out of 2nd place in Sound of Thunder and decided to call it a day. Sammi had another two brilliant finishes along with Paw T.

Andrew and bike are both fine after his off and the team are looking forward to Brno in July. As always thank you to all who help us and we wish all fallers a speedy recovery.



Team Tasker via facebook

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