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All set and ready for practice today. Can't wait to get out on track.

Good solid start in FP1. Abbz kept building and building on a drying track. Finnished in P8 for the standard. Looking forward to FP2 at 14:30.

So happy with FP2. My times are so competative, P7 and the bike is feeling so good. Bring on race day.



So happy to say that Annabel has been appointed a Coolmilk rider for the Moto 3 standard class in 2018! Spurred her for great performance yesterday, P8 in the wet FP1 and P7 in the dry FP2. Just .200 off the top three!

Qualified 13 in the standard class. Went the wrong way with gearing but my times are still very competitive. Looking forward to race 1 now.

Abbz: "Devastated just doesn't describe how we all feel at the moment but I've shown I have the pace and tomorrow is another day. Bring on the next race."



Morning warm-up done and feeling relaxed on the bike. Looking forward to race 2 this afternoon.

What a race! From the back of the grid to 10th over the line! Abbz made amends for yesterday with a fantastic ride, battling open class bikes and her standard class competitors, she was determined to get a top ten. Surviving a few close scrapes seemed to just push her on and fight harder. Super happy and super proud!

Thank you all with your kind words after yesterday and a massive thank you to the Four Anjels bossman Steve for believing in her and changing so much to make it happen. Memset hosting, Stanair, RGS Motorbikes, Wayne Vanhoeck, Gael Bretz, R&G, Cool Milk, West End DIY , Mark Brereton, Richy and gym 11, Cameron 151’s, Wayne Smith, Motogear - X-lite, Ixon leathers, Gaerne, All our Family, and Friends, Larry Carter, Clare Coombs, and BSB, The seabright massive! Ade ‘Womble’ Peters, simply everyone who has helped us over the years thank you! She’s doing us proud.


Abbz Thomas Racing via facebook 

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