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Beyond gutted and have no words. After what we thought was a super successful day at Mallory and finally getting a good set up and feeling happy on the bike again...

In the last session George’s [Honda NSF] spare engine went bang. :-( It’s caused a lot of damage to the casings. Luckily due to dean's quick wave I gabbed the clutch and caught him before he either threw me off or laid oil all over the track.

As this was already our spare engine, as our main one has a cracked head... and for as far as we can see in the future, we won’t be able to attend Oulton now. :-( I feel like something is against us and I really wanted to make a come back at Oulton, now we are going no where.

I am totally gutted beyond words. This is totally not what we wanted and I cannot believe this has happened.


Jodie Fieldhouse #18 Racing via facebook

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