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Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Firstly, huge huge Thankyou to everyone who donated and helped us get to Oulton Park. We are working 100mph and if it wasn’t for you guys we wouldn’t be this far. I cannot thank everyone enough!

So the engine that blew up that weekend at Mallory is a write off :-( It’s left a hole and a huge crack in the bottom of the engine, leaving us with no way of repair. After taking the casings off we had discovered the inside of the casing is also badly smashed up, the cog and the nut wasn’t on the end of the balence shaft either. After ages of being so confused on having a sealed engine missing parts... we finally found the cog and the nut in the oil or what was left of it, so after now finding why the old engine seized.

We’ve worked to get our original and race engine sorted. Dad's been on it and ordered all the parts we need, he’s stripped it right down and then huge thanks to the guys at AT MOTOCROSS who managed to find us a flywheel puller to get the flywheel off it earlier. Now waiting on getting the parts and hopefully we can get him together and running just in time. We’re doing everything we can but we won’t know until it’s time to leave.

We wouldn’t be here without you guys! Also a huge Thankyou to carrickeast construction, who have offered to buy us another spare engine when we can find some around, not only do they already own the bike, they are doing wonders for us!


Jodie Fieldhouse #18 Racing via facebook

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