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Can't imagine a better way to spend a public holiday! The day was all about testing and set up on the new R6, and what a machine! Totally different to my old faithful Triumph but with a bit more magic from Adrenalin Powersport I think we will be doing podium times.

I also was given the opportunity to ride the Yamaha R3, and what a fun bike to ride, I slowly showed the pace to challenge for the front, but the most impressive part of the day was the times my team mate Zoe Bosch was doing! Well done girl! I definitely need to up my pace.

To be part of Monroe Racing is everyone's dream, and it's a great privilege to be part of the experience. May it never end! Zoe and myself fly to Harare to compete in the next round of the Zimbabwe National, and cannot wait to ride again with everyone there and so looking forward to meeting Jessica Howden, my new partner in dreamsReimagined. After this our next race is Kyalami, and never in my life have I had three different makes of 600cc machines to choose to ride.

Thank you again to everyone making this dream a reality for all of us in team. monrosouthafrica, fuchslubricantssouthafrica, fuchszimbabwe.

Nix21 via facebook

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