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Well this was the fingers crossed moment we all hoped for. George [Honda NSF] fired and ran yesterday, despite us trying to start him for ages before dad realising he hadn’t plugged the fuel in. :-D And then nearly going flying down the drive because I didn’t go far enough foward and the stand went in the crack and flew off... But he fired up and he’s running, a bit reluctant at first but he’s sounding good and so much more responsive than before!

A huge huge Thankyou to every single one of you [supporters], without you we would not be here or even close to this stage. But thanks to you guys and your generous donations, George is now running. Oulton Park... here we come!

Huge Thankyou to my dad who has also worked endlessly getting it back together. I couldn’t do it without him! Here’s to hoping George behaves all weekend now!


Jodie Fieldhouse #18 Racing via facebook

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