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Easily one of the most challenging tracks to wrap your head around especially with 18 corners and majority of them being blind exits! Trying to learn this track across three sessions was extremely difficult to say the least. However we managed to find points in the track and knocked a lot of time off, we still were about two seconds off the lap time we were aiming for but not a bad effort considering the circumstances.

Thursday I had a crash into turn 17, thankfully my KYT helmet and SurNatio leathers protected me so I could jump straight up and keep going!

Overall the weekend was a massive learning curve and I’m sure my next trip to The Bend will be more constructive considering I know the track now.

Massive thank you to all my sponsors for helping me and continuing to support me and get me to the track, my family, KYT helmets, SurNatio, South Sydney Commercial, Earmold Australia, Kyzac powder coating and Sports Savvy Australia.

We will be missing the Darwin round and using the funds to set my bike up and get some proper suspension for Morgan park in Queensland.


Keegan Pickering Racing via facebook 

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