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1st of Mai was a special day for us: The first race of the season and our first time participating with two teams! :) #19 & #98.

The weather conditions were really bad all morning, with lots of rain and strong wind. The day started pretty intense, Dianne [Geesink] and Saskia [Schulenburg] went out for Q1 but while we were waiting for the girls to complete their outlap, we didn't see Saskia go trough the finish line. She had a nasty crash but fortunately she was in perfect conditions. The technical team got its hands dirty in order to fix the bike, we knew Q2 was doomed but Q3 might still be possible. Luckily, the bike was ready on time for Annika [Kamps] and Elvira [Hensums] to test it during Q3.

While the #98 team was trying to get the bike back in shape, the girls on the team #19 were having fun during the qualifications! Dianne's debut as new pilot was in Q1, then it was Ine's [Kockelberg] turn and Manouk's [van Ooijen] time came on Q3.

Qualification was really hard for both teams. It was hard to find the correct set up for the rain. We started the race in the 18th and 19th position. After a couple of turns, there was a red flag situation, the engine of the bike #31 had broken and there was a lot of oil on the track. The race was then suspended and in the end, we had 1h30 race.

When the race restarted, Elvira made #98 start to fly! She remounted until the 3rd place in our category and set the fastest lap of the #98 at 2:06.265! At the same time Ine on the #19 was definitely having some troubles to find her best pace... the set up that had been chosen for the rainy conditions was not responding well now that the conditions had changed drastically. It was then time to change pilots, and it was Saskia's turn on #98 and Manouk's on #19. Manouk was having the same difficulties as Ine with the set up, so we decided to change it during the next pit stop.

It was then time for the last stint of Dianne and Annika. We can definitely say that Dianne did like the new set up, because her laptimes started to go down systematically until she scored her fastest lap at a 2:00.589! Unfortunately she couldn't finish the race due to a fast crash in the Ramshoek Corner - RiderOK - #98 closed the race with Annika in the 9th place.

It was not an easy day at the office, but then again, that is racing! We're counting now the days until our next race in Zandvort!

Pilots #99: Annika Kamps, Elvira Hensums. Saskia Schulenburg
#19: Dianne Geesink, Ine Kockelbergh, Manouk van Ooijen
Pit Crew: Lindsay Dm, Mieke Jutten-Vranken, Nora Berecoechea. Sabinna Ledda, Tamara Gielen

We want to thank all our families & friends who accompanied us from the beginning, specially those who were part of this adventure last Tuesday. We also want to say a big THANK YOU to our sponsors who made this possible: Motorsportschool Zolder, TAMRON, GROTE, Bauunternehmung D. Carl, Het Palet, Hyperpro Sales B.V., Moto-Master Brake Systems, MPA Team Wear, Korner Metalltechnik, Otobar Circuit Zolder, Pluggerz Earplugs, Fotografie Pers Racing L&S

Photos by: Fotografie Pers Racing L&S, Dennis Jutten

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