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What a fun event it was at Round 2 of the Hi-Tech Oils FX Superbike Champs at QR last weekend!

Some good progress on bike set-up saw us drop five seconds on Saturday, but a cooked clutch ended our run AM Sunday. Despite that I’m still really happy with how it’s starting to feel, and can’t wait to get back out there to do some more testing.

Big thanks to my Yamaha & Suzuki pit pals for the entertainment, Dyllan for his ongoing mechanical support, Ronnie Smith for the love-taps out of turn 2 - and 6, and most importantly, my wonderful partner Matt for everything he does to support my racing. Many thanks also to CollieGeorgePix, M33 Photography & Julie Klinker for the photos, and Held for the great safety gear. :-)


Di Jones Motorcycle Racer via facebook

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