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My first ever Alpe Adria raceweekend is now behind!

The beginning here was pretty hard, I was not feeling good on my bike and it took too long to understand why. I was stuck with a certain bad laptime and no matter what I tried it was not getting much better. After Saturday's qualifying and race we found out that the rear shock of my bike was broken! There was no rebound left at all. I felt something was wrong but it was confusing because I had been trying some new settings at the same time.

Luckily we found another shock from the paddock which I bought, and it was possible to continue the weekend!

Already in the warm on Sunday it felt really good, and even with bad tire I broke my personal best time! On the race my pace was two seconds faster than the day before and I had so much fun riding in a group and battling with guys! I know it's only ifs and buts, but I can only imagine what it would have been like to ride with a working shock the whole time...

Thanks to everyone who helped me during this weekend! :-) Hope to be able race soon again here in Alpe Adria, really like it here.


Jasmin Sarjos Racing via facebook 

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