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Round One is in the books!

Drove out to Colorado to play with the Motorcycle Roadracing Association (MRA) this weekend. It was my first time out at Pikes Peak International Raceway.

The first time out. I got lost, I had no idea I had to go up on the embankment. :-D I wont lie. That totally freaked me out at first...

Did the half trackday Friday, but I still needed way more time on the track. Saturday came and I was still struggling. A combination of a new track and shaking out the cobwebs really got to me. I actually questioned if I should even be racing this year. I talked to a fellow racer and they helped clear my head for Sunday.

Sunday came and I ran a 1:16 during qualifying. Not bad since that was my best time Saturday during a race. It was during Ladies of the Rockies that I pushed it and dropped down to a 1:14. I was able to keep a 600 and 250 behind me. I got stuck behind a slow ass big bike that I would pass and then he would just get me on the straights again (grumble grumble). The girl ahead of me ran a 1:12 best time and I'm confident that if I didn't have to deal with that slow poke I could have played with her for 2nd place.

BUT I took home a 3rd place. So that was a great boost to my riding confidence and made my weekend.

I'm stoked for round two at Pueblo Motorsports Park!


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