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Round 2 of Motostar BSB Oulton Park
A half disastrous weekend that we managed to sort out to get a good achievement.

Prior to the event we managed to just about get there after putting a piston in George [Honda NSF], we knew we had to run it in so we were planning on taking FP1 as a run in session. However. As I went to go out George was being a pain to start, we finally managed to get him going and I pulled out the pits and did half a lap and pulled in for some tape and said to dad it felt like it was missing, however it didn’t feel too bad so we went back out and I completed one lap at 5000 revs. We went to come down the hill for our second lap and as we turned into turn two with that the engine went clunk and I pulled the clutch in and he cut out, with that I knew it that something serious had happened... Thanks to Asher for the lift back too. ;-)

We came back in and the team worked at 100mph to get it back together, after realising they could turn the engine over by hand on the actual engine, but couldn’t turn it over by the rear wheel, they took the head off to find the valve had dropped. We then went on to miss FP2 and got the engine sorted in time for the next day. They had found the piston got slightly damaged and the head had a minor crack, but that’s all we had so we made put and got it sent to the dyno to be ran in so I didn’t have to worry about it for qualifying.

Qualifying - I went out and did the best I could, being so far down on time I struggled slightly with set up and just getting my head around the corners. We also had a huge misfire on George which made him slightly difficult to ride. I did the best I could and managed to qualify p20.

We then worked hard to try and sort this misfire and Thankyou to Graham who gave us the conclusion it may be the coil. We then changed it and a few suspension changes and went back out for the race.

Race 1- I pulled out the pits and George felt so fast and like a totally different bike on the warm up lap. Misfire totally gone and everything. I felt confident I could sort it.

We pulled away from the race and I was hanging on to the pack in front of me, struggling round some of the corners due to lack of track time and set up but keeping on... but four laps in the misfire came straight back :-( and I started to drop back, and me and George pushed everything we could getting corner speeds higher but we dropped back so I just pulled him across the line. We managed to finish p19. And knocked two seconds off my previous lap time.

We were all really happy under the circumstances and we’re ready to push harder tomorrow and sort the issues!

The team worked hard all night getting the wiring checked on George, new plug and we had a look at some data, although it didn’t show the misfire, you could hear it on the bike and it never sounded flat out so we knew there was an issue, we also saw that the data had said I wasn’t holding 100% throttle the whole way down the straight. We then looked at some reasons and made some adjustments to the bike to see if we could sort it... we put a longer tailpiece on and moved the bars slightly to see what would work.  

Warm up - I just went out to get used to the changes and make sure I was on 100% throttle all the time, I only got four full laps in I the 8min warm up but the changes felt loads better. I was making sure the throttle was back to the stops the whole straights even checking it mid straight, although the data still said I was rolling off..s so we looked into it again, and whilst looking into it we discovered the throttle could slide back in my gloves! And we guessed it was twisting back as I was riding round.

Me and dad then went on a venture to get some new gloves as an attempt to solve the issue. I then went out for race 2.

Race 2 - I got an ok start pulling away with the pack and had a nice little three-way battle, one of the riders then got up front and broke free, I wanted to go off too but couldn’t get past, I finally managed to go round the outside in the first chicane and got clear, pulling a three second gap on the rider behind. I had left it too long to catch the rider in front... but was lapping at the same times, meaning I may have kept up if I got away earlier. I found my mojo back half way through that race and started to feel so much better on the bike. The gloves felt so much better too.

I managed to finish the race in p15! Scoring my first BSB point too! We were all over the moon after the awful weekend we had had! Couldn’t ask for more from this one!

More things to get home and sort with George. Bigger grips and a look at the data recorder to make sure it’s right because I’m adamant it was to the stops but he data said it’s not so we’re flooding to look into it! But overall we are all happy!

Huge Thankyou to everyone on here, we wouldn’t have been there without you guys! Thankyou to my sponsors.



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